Signs Your Home Is Under-Insulated

Insulation plays a huge role in maintaining a stable temperature in your home and at the same time your energy bills. When insulation is damaged, broken, and even has little issues, it can greatly increase your energy bills as you will need your AC unit to compromise to the change of indoor temperature. If you are having a problem with your home insulation and have been searching insulation companies near me on the Internet, chances are you probably have been experiencing these telltale signs of an under-insulated home.  

1. sudden fluctuating temperatures – fluctuating temperatures are a sign that your AC unit is not doing the job well and it can be caused by an issue with insulation. This can be experienced by having different temperatures in different rooms and zones in the house. For instance, if you notice your kitchen has a warmer temperature compared with your living room despite having the AC unit turned on, then insulation in your kitchen area is probably what causes the warm indoor air. Take note that it can also be an AC unit problem. So, it is advised that you check it too.  

2. extreme temperatures – take note of your attic and basement as these areas often have the common insulation issues that most homeowners experience. This is because these spaces are the least maintained rooms in the house. If you notice your basement too cold and your attic too hot, despite having good ventilation, then your insulation is probably what caused the problem. Heat and cold air easily escape from the house when the insulation has issues.   

3. sudden increase in energy bills – because your AC unit needs to keep up with the fluctuating temperatures and even compensate to balance the indoor air, this causes your AC unit to do its work twice as it should. This potentially spikes your energy consumption, leading to higher energy bills.   

4. leaky attic – another function that your insulation has is it serves as an extra layer of protection that protects your home and provides more structure to the roof. When your insulation is faulty, this causes your roof gets damaged and water may come into the house. When you notice leaks from the roof, it is either caused by a damaged roof that also damaged the insulation or faulty insulation. Whatever it is, have your roof and insulation both get checked.   

5. bugs and mice in the house – because your insulation covers the holes in the house that are the potential doorway for the bugs and mice, it can be assumed that damaged insulation means easy entrance for these species. When you notice mice and bugs, make sure that you contact a pest remover professional and have your insulation checked. Take note that it might also be caused by the broken structure of the house rather than your insulation.   

6. poor house maintenance – house maintenance and check-ups are necessary to be done on a regular basis because this is what keeps you updated on the needs of the house in terms of repairs and replacements. If you think you have not checked your house for so long, it is probably time to take some time for a checkup.   

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